Shared Parental Leave

Positive stories around co-parenting

The option for new fathers to take more time away from the workplace in their child’s first months has been in place since 2015. But with awareness and take-up still low, the Government tasked Imagine to create a campaign communicating the benefits of Shared Parental Leave (SPL).

Working closely with the MadeForMums editorial team (who also posted native content around the topic), Imagine created a campaign that used real-life advocates in compelling video case studies, seeded across MadeForMums in the form of digital advertorial content, social and display units. We used influencers and a sponsored discussion on the MadeForMums forum to open up discussion around SPL.

The Government also sponsored a series of Imagine-produced podcasts for MadeForMums readers, and the campaign took the form of a print advertorial in You & Your Wedding, too. We utilised our best-in-class data platform across the whole Immediate Network to target exactly the right audience of pregnant mums, while partnering with MadeForMums on social to deliver scaled reach with incredibly strong engagement.

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