Orkney Cheddar

Championing tradition

Championing tradition
Orkney Cheddar is a brand steeped in tradition with a rich heritage. It’s a story that the cheesemakers were keen to communicate to Scottish consumers, through recipe creation and a beautiful video telling the story of their product.

Working with the people of Orkney to produce content for Orkney Cheddar was a real privilege for Imagine – after all, the business’ local stakeholders wanted assets that would not only target Scottish food lovers across Immediate’s portfolio, but could be used to promote Orkney on other paid-for channels in later months.

The provenance of Orkney Cheddar gave Imagine a fantastic opportunity to document the production process and Orkney Cheddar’s links to the local community. We also produced a series of recipes using Orkney Cheddar, which formed the basis of a content hub that we themed seasonally.

Finally, we targeted Scottish print readers of BBC Good Food, Olive, Delicious, Easy Cook, Radio Times and BBC Gardeners’ World with an insert, also created by Imagine.

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