The Story
The idea
Emotionally connect with mums by humorously bringing to life everyday scenarios that they relate to. We wanted to make mums laugh and show them that this product helps make their life easier.
The solution
We decided the best way to connect was via video, so we created a partnership with video creation and scaled distribution at its core, with some added native content and product testing.

Phase 1 panel testing
We recruited some real mums from the Immediate parenting panel to test the app and feedback on MadeForMums.
This got the product into the hands of the target audience and drove advocacy.
Phase 2 video content
We created three funny, everyday scenarios that happen at the petrol station when you have kids. As parents, we’ve all been there.

Videos had to be short, funny, engaging, relatable, shareable. They were.
Phase 3 native content
The MadeForMums editorial team created some useful, relevant native content featuring the best apps for journeys with kids where the product was featured.

Provided awareness and drove advocacy in a trusted, relevant environment.
Phase 4 targeted reach & engagement
With over 6m parents across Immediate every month we identified the key data sets within the target audienceand targeted them with relevant, sequential messages, native in-stream units and video ads.

This ensured the right people saw the videos and messaging, providing maximum targeted reach and impact.

The results
Strong levels of engagement with all content including: