The Story
The idea
Love. Share. Buy. #heartNintendo

We created a joint manifesto shouting out that Girl Talk was the best place to get advice on all things Nintendo. Together 
we would answer questions, recommend games, give hints and tips, and provide first-look exclusive opportunities.
The solution
A multi-platform solution based around three pillars: Entertain – have fun with us, Explore – learn from us, Engage – share with us and your friends.

Phase 1 research & event
Research underpinned this partnership, to understand the evolving relationship between Girl Talk readers & Nintendo.
Part of the research was to host an event @ Immediate HQ where Nintendo met some of the TA and had a chance to explore the product and engage with it.
Phase 2 influencers
We recruited some influencers from our Immediate Youth panel – the Nintendo 3DS BFF ambassadors. They played a key role in all 3 pillars, trialing the product, creating fun, informative content, sharing their experiences & vlogging.
Phase 3 getting creative in print
Fully integrated print creative solutions played a big part; with covermounts, a devoted 16-page mini-mag, stickers and a series of fun advertorials.
Phase 4 digital & social
Digital played a key role with PopJam, as well as the use of high impact Girl Talk takeovers and busy YouTube channels.

The results
With full editorial support, this partnership achieved fantastic reach, engagement and impact.