The Story
The idea
Discover HotHacks with Lisa Faulkner - showcasing the versatility of the Hotpoint range. #HotHacks demonstrated new ways or “cheats” to use Hotpoint Small Kitchen Appliances and Built in Stoves driving awareness and fame in a credible and practical way.
The solution
A multi-platform, integrated solution, with influential talent and original video and recipe content at its heart.

Phase 1 talent
Lisa Faulkner was Hotpoint’s ambassador and we proposed that she front the partnership, working closely with her to create some fantastic engaging content.
Phase 2 content
We filmed loads of original video content featuring Lisa and the Hotpoint HotHacks, and created brilliant recipes, proving that these appliances help our foodies to take shortcuts but still achieve phenomenal results. This all lived in a fully responsive hub – you can check it out here…
Phase 3 print
Print played an important role too, with a series of advertorials getting the messages to our loyal and engaged BBC Good Food magazine readers.
Phase 4 targeted reach & engagement
With over 10m foodies across Immediate digital, we have great scale and can target relevant audiences. We promoted the content using takeovers, emails, social and targeted traffic drivers.

The results
The partnership successfully infiltrated purchase journeys with a massive 50% claiming they are likely to buy a Hotpoint cooking appliance in the future –a potential ROI of £5 million

It also created fame & talkability - over a third of exposed respondents said they would recommend Hotpoint cooking appliances to others